NYCC Podcast Episode 7
The Inhuman Condition

In the explosive seventh episode of the “Not Your Common Conversation Podcast” featuring Chris Downing and Omar Henderson, we debut our visual component, our official youtube channel, and we welcome friends of the show Vance Gragg & Phil Larson back to further discuss the continued conflict between the nation state of Israel, and the Palestinian nationalist movement “Hamas.” Needless to say this is a a very polarizing topic, although not terribly unique in nature, it’s front page news when it comes to world stage and we try to unpack why that is. We also discuss peace, what peace in the middle east would look like, and if it is even possible to obtain after all the brutality and human loss of life over the many years of engagement between the two territories. In this audio experience we present a balanced yet not so common conversation with our distinguished guests occupying opposing viewpoints/perspectives on the conflict. You lucky listeners are in for an amazing episode! Enjoy! Not Your Common Conversation is a Bi-Weekly podcast hosted by Chris Downing & Omar Henderson, where we talk about everything inside and outside of our heads.

Featuring Vance Gragg & Phil Larson

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