NYCC Podcast Episode 10
The Love Doctor
Featuring Victoria Icenhower

Welcome back you lovely listeners. Happy holidays to you and yours! It’s episode 10 of the “Not Your Common Conversation Podcast” featuring Chris Downing and Omar Henderson and we got a good one for you. Joining us today is female empowerment and lifestyle coach Victoria Icenhower. We kick things off by discussing her background, and how she came to be a beacon of light not only to herself but also to her clients. This prompts a discussion on self love and what that means to each of us, and the importance of having your own point of view and identity. Topics also include tribalism amongst culture and communities, a great discussion on empowering ourselves to seek more pleasure, how pleasure can include sexual and non sexual actions, and how one can find their inner power through pleasure. Intimacy is a big theme in this episode, we get into our respective perspectives prostitution/sex work and lifestyle choices we have adopted and the contrast from the times of old to modern times. Last episode before 2024!!! thanks for the continued support. See you all in the new year! ” Not Your Common Conversation is a Bi-Weekly podcast hosted by Chris Downing & Omar Henderson, where we talk about everything inside and outside of our heads. Visuals of the NYCC Podcast now available to watch:

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