NYCC Podcast Episode 12
Money on my Mind
Featuring Kendall Jones

In the 12th episode of the “Not Your Common Conversation Podcast” featuring Chris Downing and Omar Henderson, it’s time to talk money! We bring on our very special guest, financial guru Kendall Jones. In this episode we dive deep into the world of personal finance just in time for tax season. Kendall has a vast knowledge of the full picture of personal finance, and the more you know about money the more fun it is. We touch on taking control of life and becoming empowered through learning the language of money, and applying it. You guys are in for a real treat this time around, get your pen and notebook out, this year is going to be an abundant one! Not Your Common Conversation is a Bi-Weekly podcast hosted by Chris Downing & Omar Henderson, where we talk about everything inside and outside of our heads. Visuals of the NYCC Podcast now available to watch:

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