Chronicles of Craftsmanship:

Showcasing Dreamlife Media Group’s projects that embody artistic and our dedication to realizing our client’s vision. A synthesis of innovation with tradition. Orchestrating unforgettable audiovisual narratives for over 30 years.


Crafting Unforgettable Experiences. Storytelling & Excellence Redefined

At Dreamlife Media Group, we offer a spectrum of premier services honed over three decades. From audio and video production to event management, we bring your vision to life with expertise, creativity, and dedication.

Audio Production Services:

* Music Production
* Sound Engineering (Live)
* Sound Engineering (Recordings & Broadcasts)
* Podcast Production
* Voiceover Recording
* Audio Mixing and Mastering

Video Production Services:

* Film Production
* Cinematography
* Video Editing
* Motion Graphics
* Drone Videography
* Virtual Reality (VR) Production

Event Production Services

* Live Event Management
* Technical Direction
* Stage Design and Setup
* Lighting Design
* Multi-camera Production
* Event Documentation

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Christopher T. Downing

Dreamlife & The Team

CEO Spotlight: Leading with Integrity at Dreamlife Media Group

As CEO of Dreamlife Media Group, Chris Downing exemplifies integrity and dependability. With a vast client base cultivated over three decades, his leadership ensures excellence in every project.

Tim Blackmagic
Tim Blackmagic

Black Magic Tim


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Michael Ferg

Michael Ferguson

Creative Director

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Darius Evans

Darius Evans

Film/TV Producer


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Christopher T. Downing

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